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How do you all wear your hair under your wig?

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How do you all wear your hair under your wig?
I’ve been using just a regular wig cap with the elastic band that I purchased from the BSS, but I think it’s causing my hair to break in the back. Should I be tucking my ends under? I’ve just been combing it straight back, putting the cap on and then making sure everything is poked under the cap. Are there any other options? My hair is too short to braid so that’s not an option.
A:i have 10-12 big twists, and i put those under the wig cap. some days i put them under this satin scarf thing i have, looks like a do-rag but without the tail.
B:Well at first I used to do twists. Then I got lazy and did celie braids (for real, like 8). I also did flat twists every once in a while.

I never wore a wig cap though or anything else like that. Just put my wig on. My hair was always damp and coated with castor oil so maybe that helped.
C:You have more than enough hair to braid, twist, cornrow, or flat twist. Try doing one of those so your hair will be more protected.
AA:I have shoulder length hair, but I recommend that you purchase one of those wave caps for men because I find that the wig caps are not protective. I got one that was 100% nylon and my hair was moisturized. I bun the hair sometimes and maybe if you could pull into a pony, then do so or wrap your hair. I will moisture the hell out of the hair put the wave cap and then wig. I would put castor oil or coconut oil around my edges and the results are that my hair grew. Take the wig off and especially apply moisturizer and seal the hair immediately when you return from work or whereever. With the wig, I moisturize at least 2x a day.
BB:Since I cant cornrow at all I have to pincurl my hair into 4 big ones. But before I do that I put alot of heavy product like a hair lotion to keep my hair moist. It seems like my wig moves and causes friction with a cap on. I tie a scarf around my head and keep the perimeter out to put the combs around and then blend wig and natural hair.
CC:I use a regular wig cap and took the ends under the cap. But my hair is really short in the back. I haven’t noticed any breakage. I’m using the Outre wig cap that I got free from wholesalewigsonline.com. I really like it, it’s not too tight.

I’ve heard of people like ms.sweetevie using pincurls. I’ll have to do that too since I can’t cornrow worth crap.

A1:Right now I have 4 big cornrolls going straight back and pin up the hanging braids or I do two indian style braids and cross the hanging hair over and pin. I always coat the hair with a heavy moisturizer before braiding and coat the hair with oil before puting on the wig.
B1:I have to get my hair as flat as possible to get wigs to fit… I have a really big head. So I cornrow my hair going straight back and I make them pretty small. I flip up the hanging ends of the braids and tie my hair up in a silk scarf, or a very silky black satin scarf I have. Then I put on a stretchy weave cap that has an elastic band, it works miracles I tell ya. That slippery scarf stays put with one of those on top. The pic below shows the kind I like to use.

So after I put on my silk/satin scarf and a stretchy weave cap, I put a black nylon wig cap on top… this is to keep the scarf from being as visable and to give me some traction. I dont want my wig sliding right off of my silky head!
C1:I do the same also, however I find that I’m constantly washing my wig because my castor oil constantly gets into the wig by the end of my work day.
D1:I wash it in warm water with a gentle shampoo. Also, a new wig is much cheaper than getting braids put in so I’m not really worried about it lasting forever.
H1:I keep my hair cornrowed in a circle. When I wear my wig, I cover the cornrows with a satin doorag and tuck the doorag ends under.

ETA (2/20/09): I’ve been wearing a black silk scarf under my wig since last week. It’s purely for experimental reasons. I love the satin dooragl I wore it for years. But I wanted to see if the hype about silk vs. satin is true. So far, I don’t see or feel any difference in my hair.
AA1:1 cornrow across the front and 2 plaits in the back.

Doorag with the ends tied and the cut off top of a thigh high on top of the doo rag

Heavy moisturizers and oil on the hair, megatek on the scalp
BB1:Chin length is long enough to braid. I do cornrows going back and I just pin the ends to a braid. I moisturize the ends every day and night, and I wash my hair once weekly, I keep my hair braided up for 2 weeks at a time. So I wash my hair while in braids….

I was doing that for maybe 6 weeks and stopped, got lazy. But I just got a touch up and my ends were perfect, I did not need to get a trim. That’s a first for me.
CC1:When I ordered my wigs from hairsisters, they gave me a wig cap that came w/ a thin plastic cap-kinda like a conditioning cap. I braid or plait my hair, moisturize, and put on the thin cap and then the wig cap and at the end of the day when i take it off, I have super moisturized hair-like the baggy method gives you The only cons about this is the plastic was not big enough for my big head so some of my edges were left out and it’s almost too thin b/c it’s easy to tear.

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