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how to cut and style wigs

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how to cut and style wigs
Tolls and materials i use in this tutorial:A Wig in Fire Red,Thinning shears, Combs in Various Sizes, Hair Roller in Various Sizes, Hair Roller in various Sizes, T-pins, 6 Long Clips.Some items here can be substitued, or are not neccessarily needed (like the thinning shears).They just make it a bit easier.Large Claw Clips, Got 2B hairspray, Normal Sissors, Razor, and a Hair Dryer To begin comb out all those nasty tangles from your wig.Nothing is worse than starting out with a tangled wig. BTW before the tutorial i had straightened the wig prior using the hot water method.With your hands section out where you want the bangs to start and where you want it sperated from the rest of the hair.Then use those long clips to hold the bangs away.
how to cut and style bangs for wigs tutorial.
Now do the same for the other side of the bangs, Place make sure that the amount of hair on both sides are even. You do not want uneven bangs.
how to cut and style bangs for wigs tutorial.
At this point it would be a good idea to use those T-pins and pin down those long clips if they have any openings in their body. That is if they have any……
how to cut and style bangs for wigs tutorial.
Take those newly sectioned bangs and comb them out.
i realy dislike tangles ….. I try to avoid long wigs
whenever i can ……Holding the bangs use two long clips to keep the bangs together. Angle them towards each other. so no stray hairs
can escape. pull the clips down to where you want your first cut with the scissors to be.Now cut above where you put those clips.
how to cut and style wigs

Keep the sections of hair that are cut off if they are big enough to be used for future wefts.You never know if you might mess up by cutting off too much and have to add in some wefts! Hold the back section of hair away from the bangs and clip it with those two large claw clips.
You do not want to accidently cut the long hairs in the back now. That would be terrible! Using a comb, seperate the bangs into a top layer and a bottom layer, They should be even in the amount of hairs they have. The bottom layer will be cut shorter and curled tighter to be a foundation fot the top layer.clip the top layer of bangs away from the bottom layer.cut the bottom layer of the bangs a little bit shorter than
the final look of the bangs you want, This layer will be curved tighter in so that the longer top layer of bangs can sit on top of it. Optional Step only if you have thinning shears. Thin down those bangs with the thinning shears. This will make razoring the bangs easier.Feather out the edges of the bangs with your razor. Try not over cut, which i have done before. Trust me you will regret it…Trim the top bangs to what you want the final bangs to look like. Keep in mind to compensate length for the cure of the bangs.Optional Step only if you have thinning shears. Thin down those bangs just like before with the thinning shears.
Use a razor to feather out those bangs just like before Try not to cut the short bottom layer of bangs that were already razored.
Use a small toothed comb to get out all those hairs in the bangs that were cut by the razor.Try to find the bottom layer of the bangs again (the short ones remember?) by holding up the top long layer of bangs.
section the long top layer of bangs off to the top of the head so they will not be in the way.
how to cut and style wigs
put the bottom layer of bangs on small rollers. It may help to use a small comb to keep the hair straight on the rollers.
how to cut and style wigs
Put a long clip horizontally on each roller. Then spray them with some hairspray, Moving the clips will hold the hair in place. So move the clips lower following the rollers’ shape. Curl in those roller for a tighter curve.
Do the same with the top section of bangs, except with bigger rollers. Remember the smaller the rollers the more the bangs will curve in.
Attack your rollers with your hair dryer set to low! Remember to put some special hait dryer attention to the roots of the bangs.Finally take all those rollers out, and carefully comb out your new fluffly bangs!!

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