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How To Sew In Lace Front Wigs

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How To Sew In Lace Front Wigs
Firstly: you can use invisible needle and thread to see how the thread just dissappears. you can have a threaded needle laying next to the spool.
How To Sew In Lace Front Wigs
Second:you can braid the hair in this format. you can underbraid the hair that way it is flatter to the head.
Third:I place the wig on the head and feel out the braids and part around the head.
Fourth: make sure you line the hair up right were you want it to be. you can use hair pins to pin it in place.
Fifth: you can sew right above the temples,down and around to the other side( there is no thread right in the very top). It is very important to take the needle under the braid that way it forces the lace to lay down flat.
Sixth:After you are done sewing, you can flip up the edges and apply my adhesive.

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