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How To Take Care Of Peruvian Hair

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probably be doing my pro install next weekend, i’m going to use ha lace front of the tape also so i’m glad you like it and it feels secure, when you say you cut them in ha lace front.
Do you mean length ot wi wouldth? I was wondering if i could cut the wi wouldth so t would only be like a 2 inch, how do you double and triple row the wefts can someone explain ts as i am not getting it? [feeling a little odd ts morning] would appreciate it? I cut the tape in ha lace front, the
tapes are 2 inch wi woulde, i cut 2 of the wi wouldth off leaving it 3 4 of an inch wi woulde, i am concerned if these will slip laster than the full sized tapes and planned to anchor with shrinkies. But chose not to ts time becuase i’m not sure if i will like ts hair. Will see how it goes… But t
seem to be as secure as the full sized tape, sassyhair, here is a photo of the placing the wefts on the tapes, i just put 2 or 3 rows of weft on each tap with a little lg between the layers for security, i di would test a double row the last install without the lg to secure the two layers together
and it held fin but i like the added security of bonding the layers together. Especially the triple rows, if it isn’t a big deal can you post of the pro in? I’m so curious about how ts stuff looks on the head, for being the first official guinea pig here… Cheers for giving me the info much
appreciated, i will have a go at that next time i thinkactually ccross. I don’t think i’m gonna take, to be totally honest. I hate ts hair… It feels way to wigish hell i liked the feel of wawa better than ts stuff, its a bit sny too. The sne isn’t too bad but i think it really looks fak i am a
bartender. So there are tons of mirrors at work and i just hated the way it looked everyti’me i caught a gli’mpse of my lace front in a mirror today… And it is tangly as its very difficult to brush or comb, of course i wear my hair with cur maybe if you are planning to wear the straight, straight
it wouldnt be as tangly, and might comb out easier, i just might be doing a takedown tonight. Or tomorrow… I really would like to give ts hair a chance, to really review it, but i am so much not in with ts hair… Great information as usua i’m planning my next install with double wefts and wanted
to figure out the best way to attach them together in a way that would keep them together even when i take them out, i was thinking maybe crazy glue? I’m afrai would lg would show in my dark hair, i know the acetone used for the chrissy v bond will break down the crazy glu but i’m only using that
for the top wefts, do you think for my rows with the pro tac that a little crazy glue between the wefts would work to hold them together? I also have e6, maybe that? Wle i’m asking, with the chrissy v. Di would you just put it along the bond and sandwich. Or di would you spread it down further onto
the top of the wefted hair as well? You’re a gem… So much for all your, kristi crazy glue or nail glue would probably work to hold them together. But, i’m thinking the crazy glue would make the wefts very hard and stiff and probably not very flexibl so t might not form to your head well when
installing with tapes, i just use a tiny bit of lg between the wefts, but if you are concerned with the lg being visabl i would suggest either using your loong glue to bond the wefts together, or, as a cheaper rout to not use up your expensive loong glue use some dark latex glu like procl or
sometng from sally’s or any other bss for about usd to answer your question. I just put the chrissv glue on the track. Its a fairly tn glue so some of it will seep in andsoak a little bit onto the hair as well as the track, its not a realy tck glue like lg by you know. Even tacky glue or any of the

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