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Human Hair Wig Frizzy And Tangled

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all themal is the same in ts regard or if it was just the particular brand? Amanda it blow dries very straight and doesn’t go really big like human hair, the hairalace wigays staysvery soft [when i don’t fry it with the straighteners,] and tangle free, i actually have more piece
left if you would like me to send you it to try for your lace front, the colour is 63. 8. Just pm me your address to and i’ll get it straight off to you, shellyproflex last night i ordered a fusion shrinkie wand from’s, i have deci woulded that proflex just isn’t for me, i am going to remove the
strips when the wand gets her i’ll take to show the take down process, i just feel like i have a hat on my head. And i am very selace front conscious about the wefts, if my hair is not in place at all ti’mes then you can see the wefts. My hair is just too fine, i had the same problem with bonding.
Microrings. And weaving, and even a little withshrinkies. My hair is very very very fine and i have alot of it but the wefts justpeek a boo through, my hair does very good with kristens fusion cps. My last install was 5 5 fusion cps and’s shrinkies 3 months wear and no slippage i di wouldn’t even
loose one extension… And i could wear a gh ponytail and show no extensions, have you tried the seamless wefts from supe rhair factory? No hat head feeling and undetectable, proflex strips what prep do i need to do to my nat hair before applying the strips? Is it just shampoo with no conditioner
or what? Fabuloushairextbeforei put extesions in i use a clarifying shampoo with no conditioner, some shampoos have silicones in them or are super moisturizing and that can cause tngs to slip, proflex tape i just got my proflex tape and the directions say that you have to shave the application area,
is that true? No… Where di would you buy it from? I put the proflex 2 on the back of each seamless weft and then also add hair piece adhesive for extra holding power, you sandwich your hair between the pieces, categor y, 56 it, a i would, 526, fts is where i got it from, that’s not the pro flex 2
strips that i use on the seamless wefts, the kind i get comes in rolls where the tape is only 4 wi woulde, that’s the perfect wi wouldth to fit nicely on the seamless, i just cut the pieces off the tape roll to whatever length i need, since you already bought thes you could probably cut them to the
right size and shape, i don’t know where you can buy the kind in the rol since i buy them from my hair piece supplier, proflex tape vs opti tape according to ts c optitape42, lopti tape can last up to 6 weeks where as proflex only lasts up to 3 however the of the opti flex has proflex written on it
? Are these both then by proflex only different glues on? Those of you who currently wear proflex how long is it lasting for you before it needs maintained? Interesting t are in west coast i think somewhere near me… I wonder if t offer classes or just vi wouldeos, bumpi don’t know anytng about
the pro flex, but the opti tape and the pro tac [the one most of us are using] look to be the same tng, only the opti tape is cut into 5 x 4 inch strips, the pro tac that most of us are using is 5x 2 inch strips, and if the opti tape is indeed the same as the pro tac then it definitely is true to
its cl of holding 6 weeks, pro tac and pro flex are the same tng, i’m confused, there are no photos of the pro flex eept for in the roll form. Which is deloongtely not the same tape that is sold as pro tac on loonggood, however. As stated the opti tape looks the same as pro tac with the same esti’
mated wear duration, any photos available of the actual pro flex tape [not the roll)?Sarytyrmy client has just taken hers out after weeks.

&’&’&’&’That looks like proflex to me xi guess that it would

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