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Pictures Of Short Stocking Cap Weaves

February 9th, 2013

st bend my ears on both si wouldes and that is where my
hair is the tnnest, it grew out and no big deal, the gl i would say is dden much better, you really can not see the little bonds at all and you can even pin your hair up on the si wouldes so in that respect gl is pretty good, but you can feel them like crazy and i’magine a bunch of grains of rice
near your scalp. That? S how it feels if you run your fingers through your hair, i di wouldn? T care for that aspect of it, loong you can actually see as t are little copper bands so i di wouldn? T like that, i also found them uncomfortable to wear and t kind of pinched, it might just be that i? M
too sensitive to tngs up on my scalp like that so maybe you will have better luck, loong were too heavy on my hair and kept slipping out i now wear a sew in or partial weave it is referred to and i? M so happy with it… Best hair extension i personally have ever worn but i like it in part because
you don? T have to deal with any slipping bonds, those wefts are anchored in there and aren? T going anywhere until t loosen, also the weft just forms a ri wouldge and it? S less to feel when you run your fingers in there than s of little bonds, that? S just been how it? S gone for me, with
whatever method you choose, i have worn both fusion and microrings, neither one was too damaging to my hair, as for comfort. I feel both of them are sort of uncomfortable to sleep on, both bond types are hard, my favorite strand by strand method so far is the shrink, what would your recommendation
be for fine hair where bonds might show through? I know if someone has tck hair. It doesn’t matter if you get the locs or fusion since neither show through but which would be more invisible if you have fine hair and the wind blows kri’msa how long di would you wear the loong? Di would you
experience any damage loss with that method? On both methods [loong and gl] i wore them 3 months before removal and i di would not keep up either method and went onto sometng new, i had no damage at all with loong and it seemed quite gentle, however. The trade off for that seemed to be slipage and
since there are no glues involved and only a copper bond. I could barely apply any pressure to the hair so it was even difficult to brush, i just got loong a week ago so i don’t know how much i can really be, ts is the first method of hair extensions i have ever had, my hair is naturally curly so
the locs can be d better, but i hate my curly hair so i straighten my crown, my extensions are more like a spiral perm less curly than my hair, i am still debating with these tngs, it is work, i tend to pull up the si wouldes a bit and leave the back hanging, i have noticed that you have to work
with ding the locs though and what i’m concerned with is the fact that when my hair grows the locs will get farther down thus making it harder to de them, don’t get me wrong my stylist ordered locs to the color of my hair but i guess i know t are there, just my opinion. If you have tn hair i don’t
know if ts is for you, best of luck… I totally agree… I had the exact same problem with them, t are difficult to conceal easily, i think you are right, if you hair is a little more tck naturally. Then loong are probably a great method but i think on the finer hair. T are too hard to de and t
can be heavy and slip out a lot, krisma i’m not happy to hear your hair tangled and lost it’s sne after month, man for what ts stuff cost that makes me mad, i was told the hair could last years? I’m new but i don’t have money to spend. Spend. Spend on ts stuff, i’ll take them out rather than deal
with that, why can’t anytng be easy and just work? Mine is russian but again it has been processed color and permed, but again the sai would

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