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Premium Now Wet Look Curly Weave

February 2nd, 2013

hair that i could have used for other parts of my head? Is there another way to do ts? Sew three together end to end, ts gives you a single tckness piece 3 long, put a 2 ruler in the mi woulddle to use as your gui woulde, you will have a 2 section in the mi
woulddl and a section on either end, fold each end section over towards the mi woulddle and overlap. So you have a six inch section in the mi woulddle that is triple tckness, sew it all together with a needle and and tiny stitches, sew on your clips by sewing through the little holes you’ll see in
them, each hand tied weft weighs 2 ounc so if you ordered a 4 pound. You’ll get 8 hand tied wefts, when i an preparing to sew my wefts. I first figure out how many of the hand tied wefts i want per track, i usually have 3 4 per track. [i wear 8 ounces of hair. 6 hand tied wefts] then i lay one out
on the table and i layer the others over that and stagger them so the whole tng will be 2 wi woulde, however you want to stagger it is fin whether it’s folding ends over or whatever. It doesn’t really matter, then i prefer to take the staggered pieces to my sewing macne and zig zag stitch it once
or twice, then sew your clips on, questi ons for mokip ono

&’&’&’&’So i saw you on another talk about your blended hair and i have a few questions for you, are all your handtied wefts a blend of russian and indian? Personally. I’m not a fan of indian hair for my lace front, i don’t care for the textur and i have found it needs a greater product range to keep
nice looking, how do you combat those factors when blending with a russian hair? Cinnamon.

&’&’&’&’I make a few different blends of wefts, virgin russian hair ts hair is completetly unprocessed for cuticle removal, i’tsonly colored ifthe client requires a very light color, virgin russian with 5 indian [unprocessed. Lightened color only] ts is the best way to make curly wavy wefts without a
perm, it’s kind of rare to get lots of curls in russiasn hair, i started making ts type for my lace front. I have curls thatare hard to blend with fine silky smooth hair, my hair is kinda poofy like indian hair, the indian hair must be ordered in long lengths making it possible to give the ends a
good tri’m, actually. When the curly indian hair is blended with the soft wavy russian hair the curls are outrageous and it gives the hair a soft quality, 5 virgin russian 5 european from georgia [unprocessed for cuticles lightened only] ts type of hair is my newest line, it has natutal wavy some
curly. And when blended with russian is soft and not poofy, before any one places an order. Be aware the turn around time can be up to 6 weeks, to be honest. All the hair has become so expensive that my profit is very small, i makemy living by working in the shop all day doing installs. And hair
replacement, i can only work at night making wefts, i make them for the of it. And to share top quality hair with other extension wearers, i’m getting into making vi wouldeos so all can learnhand tieingand applying their own wefts. With their own hair, i really liked the vi wouldeos you had on you
tube… Especially the puppy ones, i’ll be keeping an eye out for the wefting vi wouldeos… I just had a look at your your hair looks gorgeous… You have some nice blonde colors. The hair you ed to does look gorgeous… I’ve used a weft of russian hair and the rest indian hair in my last two
installs, to be honest. I only have indian hair installed now and i di wouldn’t get tangling withthe two different hair types together but the russian hair was too straight and di wouldn’t blend well with the rest of the curly hair and my curly hair, the indian hair i have doesn’t require much
product at if any, i’m not awake yet, had to fix the typos, do you sell cli

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