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Salt And Pepper Hair Weave

December 25th, 2012

either way he should just be happy that hes getting some ha ha ha ha ha ha!You guys are doo hilarious.i was talking with my baby amsterdammer and i sent him a pictureture of my new hairstyle.he tells me,”I got your candia I’m like,”Saybrook what do you think”,he tells me go listen to the song by india aria am not my hair”.so of course attitude comes over me then he proceeds to say how much he hates these lace wigs.he likes natural hair,even though no one would know i am wearing a wig he knows and can’t stand it.then he says since you have been wearing these things you have changed.that’s all you care about it this damn hair.i started austin up you allyn.i am a hair crack addict,no doubt but i am about doing what makes me feel good about me,i am wearing lace wigs to grown my natural hair out after i messed it up last year and even when my hair grows back i will still be lockings lace wigs because i love the versatility.

so needless to say,i could care less if he likes my hair or not,i gone rock my hair however i wanna rock my hair cause it makes me feel good and look goodall i understand.i have had my moments in the middle of getting lizzy but i was more concerned that my nape was lifting.can you imagine half the wig flipped up over the back of your headone of my closest friends(one of the few that know the deal with me wearing lace front’s)asked me what happens when I’m being intimal with my husband.colo.i told her he’s not into pulling my hair,the only thing he requests is that i leave it out.because of course i tie my hair up every night.ll you gonna have to come out of the closet eventually.hair is such a funny thing though.me and my sweety have been together for about a year.now when we first started dating i was wearing a full weave with just the front of my own hair out.he would pull on it with no problem cause that baby was sewn in tight i alack wig ays assumed that he knew it want my hair.when i made the transition to lace wig about months into the relationship,do you know this man had a nerve to tell me how fast my hair was growing batley.i looked at him like he was the village idiot.(men can be doo naive)but i dint say nothing.it want until i had an debarrassing moment with him that i let the cat out of the bag about my lace wig.now he even helps me with my apps if I’m having a slippage issue or something.I’ve even gone to get my own hair done once,in a dominican blowout,just so he can seethe real me”.but i will say that i will never let him see me with these jailhouse cornrows in my hair.that’s just too much.at jailhouse cornrows.my husband loves mine.especially the fact that he can run his hands through it.i agree with men are totally oblivious!The other night,i was getting rather intimal with someone and i was so aware that my application was horrendous like it had all lifted at the back and none of the lace was stuck down properly around the entire perimeter.this guy started grabbing the back of my head and putting his hands all over my nape it was as though he was ring to gove my scalp a damn good massage!But he had no clue i was wearing a unit!If i could get away with all that,then we girls have nothing to worry about when it comes to guys sussing us out!
Ladies,recently i had a intimal encounter and he grabbed my head!Don’t laugh,but i freaked out!When i touch my head i can tell something is on it and i just freaked because i wonder what was going through his head!Why do men gotta grab the hair when the fee lin gets good!I don’t like people to touch my hair at all.have you ever encountered this and how did you feel!I honestly at that point and time wished i did not have on a lace front,so he could feel my real scalp.i think this is my only downfall for wearing a lace front!Come on share your moments too!Actually i don’t think they notice are care that much at the particular moment they are more worried about feeling something else other than your scalp.trust me its not that deep for them.

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