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Should You Wear a Wig Cap Under Your Wig

February 12th, 2013

ialed back the background a bit. The text are much easier to read and i can clearly see the mute button. Not bad for a guy who says he doesn’t know. I know enough to be
semi dangerous. But i now have a designer that i use when i need to. Divavocalsi may notwin the bi would, i di wouldn’t bi would as gh as i probably would have if i had been able to see thehair or know the quality first hand, i’ll probably kick my lace front in the butt later… You got a response?
dying to hear the resultno. No response yet. I got pre occupied with sometng else and forgot to send an sent to camille the other day. And just sent her an sent earlier today, so i’ll just wait patiently [right] for her response… I just think that someone else who may know the quality of her hair
first hand. May be more likely to bi would gher than my bi would… Great quality remy virgin hair in blonde is quite rar but its hard for me to put my lace front on the line for hair i have never seen or don’t really know the quality, i hear you. But if it’s any. I have heard notng but good tngs
about the hair and it’s quality. And in my conversations with camill she really knows her hair products. I hope you get it. Waiting anxiously to hear the outcome to be honest. I the hair, it is a good’investment’,well for me it is, and as stated before camille knows her stuff and if you have
questions or whatever she does answer then truthfully and prompt, so you and others that go with rht will not be disappointed, with the bi would… Thank you ladies… It will be interesting, hopefullycamille will post how much the blonde hair sells for… Remyindianhair company i don’t think t
change the price for the lighter colors. When i was trying to place an order last week [before i realized i needed the hair soner i needed it in 4 days than camille could get it to me she had mentioned that she had some lighter brownsin. She di wouldn’t say the price was going to be any different.
I got the feeling the price was going to be the sam [since i di wouldn’t get to order. I don’t know for sure if ts is true] she di would saythat the lighter colorsgo fast when she gets them in, that’s understandable since anytng beyond dark brown to black colored natural indian hair would be a
pretty uncommon find. [for me it won’t matter since my stylist will be coloring the hair for m] i want b with some soft brown ghlights lowlights. Tanglesrci am just curoius. If valencia can’t post here or purhaps she is posting under a new name now how is it pl the husband even knew to post sometng
over here to us? I am not getting into ts drama just an observation you know? S st note on tsblog was in response to my note regarding the remy hair today if you look through all of s notes. He has only responded to notes regarding s wife’s to me there is notng strange about loonggood i mean after
all these hair blogs are places to ehange information about hair. If i owned a hair company. I would be looking out for notes about my company here too. For the record here’s part of my note and the st respons, at least three of the ep alternates i have been consi wouldering are home based

&’&’&’&’I judged all of these businessesnot on whether or not t were a home based or brick mortar type of business. But whether or not t all met my criteria standards for a company i consi wouldered worthy of doing business with, i’ve checked out the elite remy hair. Andthe hairdoes look gorgeous.
Thappen to beone of the ep alternates i had been looking at already. [the other you mentioned was does not have wefted hair. So i hadn’t looked at their product] i wouldlike to recommend that you check out, i only have one beef with remy hair today, i wish there wasa way to mute the music on their
without havin

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