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Tiny Cornrows In The Front Weave In The Back

February 1st, 2013

ir dry, cafeau, you got curls out of the ark straight hair? I may need totry some of those products you listed on the indianhair hair i have, months ago. I ordered 3 lbs hair from indianhair [sister tork]. i got 2 lbs
natural curly and lb straight, i di would notice that thestraight got’wavy’when i washed and air dried it, i loved that look, but my only complaint was that of the 8 bags of curly hair i got. Ionly had like 2 wefts that were truly the pretty halle berry spirallytype curls [e watcng god]. the rest
were more loose curls wavylook, overall the indianhair hair was decent. I was i’mpressed howit compared to ng. Bliss and eplus, but not curly enough, i’mthinking about doing another order with them tho to see if i have btrluck with curls. Since i heard from others that the curly hair is t ormiss.
With different curly textures being in the same spment andmaybe on same weft, also wondering if the ark hair has more qualitycontrol as far as picking out curly patterns, even tho i don’t needcolored hair [i wear b 2 colors i might try ark just to see if i canget curlier, does ark carry dark colors
like b? Ark does carry dark. And b check out the color ring i ps the 63 is a beautiful color and i don’t really see any ash, the color is even all the way to the ends. However the ends are needing a bit of a tri’m, i will do a install of two wefts in my hair ts week and i will post asap. Can’t wait
to have it in my head to try it out… Tanglesrcis ts hair cuticle free or still in tack? If someone has a ring do t have a dark red brown like a level 2 with lots of red [for client]. thats a good question marie, i’m not sure if its cuticle free or remy? The single drawn says its remy but the
double drawn does not say one way or the other, i’m gonna look around their a little more to see if i can find the answers, i got the hair in black from ark products, the batch of hair i have gets extremely curly when i wash it, i was so upset when i first washed the hair because i couldn’t believe
how curly it got, but then. I loved it, i’m extremely pleased with the hair, i have never ever blow dried ts hair because i coiuld i’magine it being a poufy mess if i di would, i alace wigays let it air dry, when it does. It comes out si’mply beautiful, cafeaulaibeautyan update of how the hair
holds up over ti’m at ts point i have had the ark products hair in since may 2st, it is si’mply exqui, i have absolutely no complaints, i have had no tangles. Virtually no shedding. And the hair is as manageable as it was the first time i had it put in, thats great to hear cafeui have 2 bundles of
the 22 sitting here i can’t wait to try, i wonder how the light colors will hold up with wear? I can not believe how much hair comes out of that little package… I sprayed one down with my water spritz bottle and let it airdry overnight last night. Ohmygod the volume… And the gorgeous wav, i
couldn’t find the answer to the remy question, i’m not sure if the double drawn is remy or cuticle free? I got the answer rkhairproducts now it’s right… The last to that wouldn’t show you there other products ts one let’s you get to the virgin hair and cuticle free hair, i for got to put the word
hair in the frist time ha ha ha by. Marie? That’s what i’ve asked for, single drawnremy. But double drawn non remy? I can not find an answer on the, is anyone going to be getting some more hair in a color 22 or 63 from hairlock? I was wondering if i could purchase on pack from you if you do since i’
m unable to use credit card online or to another country,(so does anyone like tangles or have one pack of either colors that you will not be using? Thnksrk hair products she there has been a whole lot of confusion among many regarding single double drawn hair, on l

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