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Tree Braids Loose Deep v Deep Wave

February 5th, 2013

air has. The less strands there are, ithink for 24 and up you’ll want two packages. But for 2 and under. Maybe even 22. You could get away with one, rae thats what i meant… I’ve ordered24 inch
double drawn. I’m thinking as its really tck i could get away with just gluing the one in to start just for the day. Without it looking too’fake’and then order microrings to put it in properly when i have some money i need 2 ask your opinion, what is the number of the rk hair color that is closest
to what you consi woulder to be a dark golden blonde? From the it looked like 27 was but on the it says it is a strawberry blond so i’m not sure, what was the color of the 2 of the post wash and wi woulde tooth combing. And post wash and curled? If ts is confusing. Thanx by alexia88does anyone know
the difference between the wavy hair types. Superdeepbodyjanet are most of you ordering the double drawn hair. And di would we deci woulde that it is in fact remy hair? If it is then i would like to know what hair on that is the cuticle free?.,i found ts offlhd’s post about her rk order, i see the
27 and i know t call it strawberry blonde, i know you have seen ts color and does it have any red tones in it? Also the 2 and i think the 6 are dark blondes but i can’t tell from the, give me your opinion on what is the closest to a dark golden blond, i would really apprecciate it, if you need any
more info on what i am looking 4 i just want a dark blonde without any red tones or a peachy look. And wchever one has more golden [not brassy] tones that would be the best, i tried pointing at the ones that look like dark blondes if it is confusing, the arrows are pointing the the ends of the ones
i was looking at, a semicolons inbetween the arrows, hopefully that worked ts time, if ts is asking 2 much. I just want to be positive on the color i should be ordering, thanx so much 4 any alexia88double drawn hair non remy… I don’t know how far the cuticle of all hair has been removed, i think
the darker colorsis the healter hair, my remy single drawn blonde tangles a little bit. I hope my client knows how to care, i’ve purchased the deep and super, the more i play with it the more unhappy i am with it, both shed like crazy and both are really li’mp and uncurly after you wash it, i’m
actually going to stick them on loong as son as i get around to it, t both have a kinda of washed french refined waveeept the superseems to have a more natural wave and is more bushy textured, thedeep wave does have a bit more deeper wave but its not the bouncy wave, it’s very slick and sny hair.
Not textured looking at i got the double drawn because someone recommended it here, both seem to tangle a bit at the bottom when wet, i am not sure if tri’mming would or not, i’ve bought the bodywave in black, it had to be washed before i us’cause it had some sort of setting cream on it you know
how curlyhair someti’mes feels like it’s got some product in it? So i washed itand it had the same texture and felt normal again, it seems to stay inpretty too most hh i’ve seen drops its curl really quick. But itretained a fair amount of wave, it wasn’t a normal bodywav either more like a french
refined with a larger sized wave, raei’ve gotten the straight. Pre curly and bodywave and t do have some subtle differences after wasng, not every batch is the sam though, rk straight air dryrk straight air dryrk bodywave [top)&precurly air dry [bottom] i’ve had hair cuticle correct. Cuticle
stripped. Single drawn and double drawn and i have found notng better about single drawn or cuticle correct hair, the best hair i’ve had so far has been labeled cuticle stripped, rk’s curl has been anytng but li’mp, all my hair curls like a dream and holds it all day, i work 2 hour sfts and

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