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Type Of Glue To Use For Illusion Ponytail

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ifi don’t flat iron the hell out of it. I can’t wear it loose it’s only been in a week, looks
pretty. But does tangle, ts is just relative to loong’s hair. Which i know you’ve worn, i’ve been keeping it in a pony, for what it’s worth. I have bonded wefts in. Which for no discernible reason seem to be the method of choice with people ing the most problems. And i wore the loong with shrinkies.
[that hair. For m di would tangle consistently around the ends. But a bit of brusng and some good styling dealt with that, no matting or anytng that discouraged me from wearing it loose and it looked great, took it down after 6 weeks only because of mad slippage i have super slippery fin oily hair,
i kept it too, tri’mming and conditioning made it look good as new, may reinstall later] these are the only human hairs i have used so far, i do have an asian pony i am pretipping now and plan to install to replace the rk witn the next few weeks; i need to come up with a good system to do shrinkies
on the back of my own head. First had a friend last time but he moved, an as far as the asian hair goes. I know ts is generally consi wouldered bottom of the rung for human hair but i have gh hopes for it, it’s a virgin. Single person pony that is very long. Tck. And straight. And soft, i’ve heard
some unfavourable comparisons to horse hair but i think that is why i’ve alace wigays admired it, it looks like asilk curtain, wish i could grow hair like that, even though the strand diameter is not as fine as my own i think overall it is a better texture match than the indian hair as it’s
naturally bone straight. So the only stying i’ll have to do on a day to day basis is maybe taking an iron to the very ends of my hair. Because of the layering t tend to flip a little, i’ve wanted to post of the last couple installs but i can’t find the cord for my camera, i’ll dig around a little
more, that was a bit of a run on, i’ve had rather a lot of coffeemocha. I found my camera cord, euse the low res,(and my almost booty] my camera is fairly cheap, the first two are loong’s hair. The second is single drawn rk after i’ve tri’mmed it several ti’mes; the longest layer had been to the
narrowest part of my waist but it’s been though several tri’ms, i took another couple inches off ts morning after i and it’s more manageable now, still a bit scraggly at the ends though, the little pale foof sticking right out in the mi woulddle is just because of the breeze, ts is just air dried
and a bit of oil worked though it to show it’s natural state, with whatever you get, i’m planning my halloween hair now, should be fun… Quotemochacpwho has used it? I di woulddi would you use single or double drawn or both? It was supposed to be double it wasntwhat color and length? 63 6inch weft
and color 22 and 63 indivi wouldual strands 8 inchhow di would it work out for you? Terribl shed like crazy and was very tanglelydi would you do some crazy treatment on it? Noplease rate it on a scale of to and relative to other hh you have used, reate a big zerocompared to and extensions plus. No
comparrision, i sent some to aneone and the rest i still have and am ready to throw in trash, well i was a hater at frist but after useing the olive oil my hair became wonderfull… I was very surprised, i had 4 doulble draw 2 inch and di would cut of about 4 inches of it, it was better than loong
and was still beautifull 2 and 2 months later when i took it out, i have some bilouster i am going to try on my blond rk weft and see if that dose sans i really like your installs there, t look totally natural, ccross, i guess i should repost these in a new too so i don’t jack mocha’s post, rk hair.
Any good? I’m forever looking for new hair to introduce in my salon, i have read in

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