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What Braid Pattern Is Best For a Sew In

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that remy? And what color? I have about 7 pounds of virgin
single drawn right now in curly and soft wave in 2. 22. And 24 26 in both macne and hand tied, what the heck do you do with 7 lbs of hair? Do you like to roll around in it. And think to your lace front. Ts is all my beautiful hair. I am so lucky [kinda like rolling in mil.)is it rk? Or di would you
order it from indianhairs? Nop i got plain ol double drawn non remy [silly me] and its color number 4, i’m having issues cause what i have now is to the best of myknowledge double drawn remy, but i’d like a little morelength, of course i’d like some a little shorter as well so i wouldon’t have to
cut perfectly good hair to get my layers, i need to call places around here and see if t will brai would caucasianhair, and if i can bring my own synthetic, i know what i wantfor my next install [not ts one that i’m asking questions for] but myshoulders hurt just thinking about it, gsmilie, about
ha lace front that is being colored and then tipped and going to my hubby’s stylist, she’s just now starting extensions and i’ll be getting the stuff for her to get set up, i figure if i’m ordering for her. I may as well stuff the packag yanno? I’m getting it all indivi wouldually logged right now;
weighed. Measured. Photos. So i know what exactly it is that i have, if you want som me the length and texture and i’ll see if i have it, i don’t know when i’ll get it on the, rk, what the f is bug? I know and a few others have a ring, does bug burgundy? I’m looking for fancy colors at a reasonable
price for a client. With quick spping. Nevermind, i was being lazy…

&’&’&’&’I’ve answered my own q, blog ti would3377 kwrkcolorring… Groupie, syren23groupie, smackyou little sh… T… Completely ot but your avatar. D great filmxrkhairproducts bl onde shades i have read fairly equal amounts of posts about rkhairproducts blonde hair [quite a few re that it is
overprocessed and therefore becomes a tangly mess but. Being the hair addict that i am. I am taking a chance and have ordered some of the 24 8remy single drawnmacne wefts [and to think that four months ago i had no i wouldea what any of that means. Now i spit out the specifics of hair like a second
language] i think if i had dark hair i would have no worries about what i am going to find when i open that packag with all the really good re on the dark shades of their remy hair, i know how to color dark hair. But am i right that even if you successfully colored their dark hairto the light
blonde shade you desir you would still be stuck with ts big black weft correct? Or does it beach to blonde too [i am a pessi’mist so i am sure it wouldnt already] and i would so like to hear your reply if you have experience [recent] with their lighter shades of hair. Cause i know you’ll don’t hold
back… Nursiethe non remy double drawn is what i’ve seen get all the bad press, i have in 8 and 2 remy and i couldn’t be happier with it right now no tangling. No matting at insi woulde the pro tac there is no shedding whatsoever, i’m anxious to hear about blonde in the gher numbers of the remy
and how it performs, in r to the weft on black hair i’ve personally never been able to change the color, not with products for hair anyway, fabric d may do the trick but i’ve never seen a review on anyone trying that, funny you should ask, just ts weekend. I was sorting thru the 3 big boxes of hair
i have and realized i have waaaaay too much b hair. All of it from rk. In various lengths and textures, so i bleached a weft of body wave macne weft [b] using kalei wouldocolor tan powder bleach&2 vol peroxi would sprayed it with water. Wrapped it in tin foi and put it in a low preheated oven for
about ha lace front an hour [oven off just resi would

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