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Wig Comb Clips

Wig Comb Clips
Wig Comb Clips
Wig Comb Clips may be applied for securing full lace human hair wigs, Human Hair Systems, and Human Hair Extensions to a women own hair. Simply sew as many of them as necessary along underside edge of the full lace human hair wigs or Hair extenstions perimeter wherever you would like.The larger the wig comb clip.the better the grip!
Instructions for use:
Firstly,Sew each wig comb clip to full lace human hair wigs.
Second,Place full lace human hair wigs on head with the wig comb clip opened.
Third,Insert opened the wig comb clipinto hair.
Forth,Snap closed to secure.
Large Wig Comb Clips Size:0.5X1.25 inch
Medium Wig Comb Clips Size:0.5X1.125 inch
Large Wig Comb Clips Size:0.375X0.875 inch

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