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            YIHUA TORAY POLYESTER FILM CO., LTD. is a polyester film (Polyethylene terephthalate film, simply referred to as PET FILM) production and sales company, jointly established in July 2001 by China Petrochemical Group Asset Management Co., Ltd.and “TORAY” Toray Industires,Inc.Japan, with registered capital being US $85.6 million and with the stock composition being: the Asset Management Co., Ltd. of SINOPEC holding 50% and “TORAY” Toray Industires,Inc. holding the other 50%.  By Mar 2015, the company has 404 fulltime employees and mainly engages in the manufacturing, processing and selling of polyester film products. 
              With the best polyester chip supplier in China, China Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., together with the advanced production technology and experience from TORAY Industries,Inc. Japan, we manufacture polyester film of domestically advanced technology and leading quality. At present, the products have found wide applications in such fields as label, digital electronics, electrical appliances, optical film(such as diffusion film), IT, as well as the back sheet of solar panels. We pursue the idea of technological innovation and scientific management and are committed to providing customers with value-added products and service, so as to make contribution to the society and harmonize with the earth.
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